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party-planner-squareI’ve spent more years than I care to acknowledge preparing to be an author. Working for decades, first as an art director and cover designer, and then as an editor, I’ve participated in all aspects of book production. When you add in my love of children and the arts, you get the impetus for the eclectic selection of books I’ve written to date.

cupcakes-cover-montage-smAs a paper craft artist who creates 3D crafts that I share through my blogs, it was only natural that I would transfer some of my work from that genre to electronic books. That took the form of the Printable Year-Round Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers and Printable Pink Peppermint Christmas Decorations e-books, which were released in 2012.

childrens-cover-smOnce I had the paper craft e-book genre under my belt, I shifted to one of my lifelong dreams: writing children’s books. My first children’s e-book is called Up, Up & Away! The Adventures of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper. It has a powerful message for children about what happens when you dream big in life. That topic offers the opportunity for conversations between parents and children about what it means to dream big and how important it really can be. The book also demonstrates the rewards of generosity, friendship and sharing through the actions of the two main characters, who encounter a princess in need and spontaneously lend her a hand.

Lucky the Talking BirdIn 2017, I furthered my dream by partnering with award-winning producer and writer Terry Wilson to produce the Lucky the Talking Bird series of children’s books. Based on a real rescued Amazon parrot named Lucky, these Kindle books are both fun and educational for kids. Visit Lucky’s site to see a video of him singing opera, learn more about how he was rescued when he fell out of a tree when he was a tiny baby or to see all his books. You can also see the books on my Amazon author page.


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