Professional Cover Design Really Does Make a Difference

BookGoodies-badgeIf I read one more ad for book cover design that talks about people judging a book by its cover, I’ll lose it. But there’s a reason people say that: because people do judge books by their covers. So, worn-out clichés aside, there are real reasons to invest in professional cover design. Here’s an article I wrote that details some of the more important aspects that a cover designer needs to be aware of. I factor each of these into every cover design I create.

UPDATE: The cover I designed for Artistic License by Nageeba Davis won in the Romance category in the BookGoodies 2014 cover design contest. It also placed third in the overall popular vote! You can see the cover here.

Here are some of my designs:

This is just a sampling of my designs. You can see a larger selection on my B2B Content Solutions graphics and editorial consulting site.

I bring over three decades of graphics experience to my cover designs, and I’d love to put that experience to work for you!

Please contact me to schedule your cover design.

Please note that some of the covers on this page contain affiliate links. This means Amazon would pay me a commission if you buy from them after clicking one of these links. This doesn’t increase the price you pay. See my Affiliate Disclosure Policy.

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