Up Up and Away: The Adventures of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper

childrens-cover-smUp, Up & Away! The Adventures of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper is a fun book for kids, filled with colorful illustrations of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper the frog, her two children, two special human princesses and a variety of forest friends.

The book has a powerful message for children about what happens when you dream big in life. This focus opens up conversations between parents and children about what exactly it means to dream big and how important that really is. The book also models the rewards of generosity, friendship and sharing when the two main characters encounter a princess in need and spontaneously lend her a hand.

Children love the characters, the colorful illustrations of castles and the forest, and the magical story of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper’s dream adventure. Just as importantly, parents love that the book encourages their children’s ability to imagine great things for themselves, and also demonstrates that sharing with others has its rewards.

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Some scenes from Up, Up & Away: The Adventures of Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper:


Using images from some of the same illustrators who were kind enough to allow me to use their art to design my printables, Cherry Clipart and Josy Carson, I’ve constructed a magical, colorful world where anything can happen. As a result, Mrs. Hiffen-Hopper and her friend Randa the Raccoon go off into the sky for a dream adventure, bringing back a lesson for all.

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